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2nd EVS seminar/Hamburg

Last week I went to Hamburg, for my second EVS seminar and I prolonged my stay so I could go to the North Sea (which I haven’t seen before). I only regret that I didn’t stay longer there. As it turns out, Hamburg is pretty great.


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Ohne Angst!

Ohne Angst verschieden sein können (to be able to be different without fear), a quote from Theodor W. Adorno, was the motto of the conference on the racism-critical migration pedagogy with which the Jubi officially opened its doors after the renovation. By renovation I mean building whole new floor, among other things.

The event took place on 9-11 of November.

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First EVS seminar

As you might or might not know, Würzburg is situated in the land Bavaria, in the region Franconia (or Lower Franconia, to be exact). What does that mean? It means that the local dialect is Franconian, not Bavarian*  and here we drink wine, unlike the rest of Bavaria, which prefers beer.

I’ve spend one week in Munich (10-16 of October), on my first EVS seminar. In a way it was my first contact with the ‘real’ Bavaria.


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Volunteers’ meeting in Würzburg

More or less once every month we, the volunteers in Würzburg and Unterfranken, meet for some activities and to spend time together. Nastka and Manu organize these meetings to help us to get to know each other and to make everyone feel welcomed: some of the volunteers live in small towns or villages, far from others.


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Last picnic

Last Saturday we scheduled our last picnic in Wuerzburg. Unfortunately due bad weather we changed the meeting and postpone it for the next day. Weather still did not changed so on Sunday at 5 PM we have met in Konstantina’s base and had a small party. As always it was a great fun with good food.



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Opening grill party of the EuropaVilla

On the Saturday 11th June 2016 we organized grill party in the Europa Villa for several different reasons. First of all we successfully moved from Europa-WG to Europa Villa. Volunteers in Wuerzburg have now finally a common place to meet up and make great parties. The house has a garden and plenty of space we people can meet and joy.


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