Opening the travelling season

So far I haven’t seen much of Bavaria: I have awhole year to travel around, in autumn I didn’t really have time, in winter the weather wasn’t very encouraging – there is no point in sightseeing when it’s cold and raining if I can easily do that few months later.

Hopefully, the spring is coming, it’s already warmer und sunnier. The traveling season is officially open ;). In last weeks I went with Leila to Bamberg and alone to Nuremberg.

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EVS Meetings

I haven’t written about it in a while, but we, the volunteers, are still regularly meeting. In September we went together to the fortress above Würzburg, at the beginning of November volunteers from Unterfranken came for the EVS Jubilee that we celebrated in the Jubi, in December we’ve met shortly before Christmas for a nice brunch and gifts exchange, and now for a short workshop (during which we also welcomed Hadeel, new volunteer from Egypt, who is now starting her project in the Montessori school).


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2nd EVS seminar/Hamburg

Last week I went to Hamburg, for my second EVS seminar and I prolonged my stay so I could go to the North Sea (which I haven’t seen before). I only regret that I didn’t stay longer there. As it turns out, Hamburg is pretty great.


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Ohne Angst!

Ohne Angst verschieden sein können (to be able to be different without fear), a quote from Theodor W. Adorno, was the motto of the conference on the racism-critical migration pedagogy with which the Jubi officially opened its doors after the renovation. By renovation I mean building whole new floor, among other things.

The event took place on 9-11 of November.

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EVS Jubilee for Bavaria

In November we had two big events in the Jubi: EVS Jubilee for Bavaria on 4th November and Fachtagung and official opening of the building after reconstruction a week later (9th-11th November).

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Where I was when I wasn’t here

Two weeks ago I went to two cities from my to-visit list, Aachen and Trier.


Photo from the Facebook page of Jugend für Europa

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First EVS seminar

As you might or might not know, Würzburg is situated in the land Bavaria, in the region Franconia (or Lower Franconia, to be exact). What does that mean? It means that the local dialect is Franconian, not Bavarian*  and here we drink wine, unlike the rest of Bavaria, which prefers beer.

I’ve spend one week in Munich (10-16 of October), on my first EVS seminar. In a way it was my first contact with the ‘real’ Bavaria.


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