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The goodbyes

davIt’s almost over: the majority of our group finishes their projects in July and August, the summer is the season of goodbyes for us.

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On April, 30th, the 29th Residenzlauf (Residence Run) took place, and 4 of our volunteers and Manu (and also Jubi’s janitor, Andy) participated in it. Leila, Andromachi, Juan and Shïma ran for 10 km around the Residenz, while Mattia and I took photos and cheered them on.


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Aja’s farewell party

Aja, after 6-months long EVS project, had her farewell party at last Sunday in March. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, perfect for grilling and spending time together in the garden :). The party took place in Europa Haus’ garden, but was prepared by Aja’s flatmates. Natalia, Mari and Yana took care of decorations, food and drinks.

SAMSUNG CSC(Photo by Andromachi Poulou)

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EVS Meetings

I haven’t written about it in a while, but we, the volunteers, are still regularly meeting. In September we went together to the fortress above Würzburg, at the beginning of November volunteers from Unterfranken came for the EVS Jubilee that we celebrated in the Jubi, in December we’ve met shortly before Christmas for a nice brunch and gifts exchange, and now for a short workshop (during which we also welcomed Hadeel, new volunteer from Egypt, who is now starting her project in the Montessori school).


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Volunteers’ meeting in Würzburg

More or less once every month we, the volunteers in Würzburg and Unterfranken, meet for some activities and to spend time together. Nastka and Manu organize these meetings to help us to get to know each other and to make everyone feel welcomed: some of the volunteers live in small towns or villages, far from others.


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EVS Elene Magradze

Officially Elene Magradze is the first volunteer we will introduce on our blog in series of micro interviews with volunteers about their EVS experience in the Unterfranken. So first one is Elene Magradze from Georgia working in project for Kindergarten St. Marien in Hammelburg. Do you want to know more? Check the video where she answer 5 questions about EVS.