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“Mmm” it tastes very well

YOU ARE HOUME, is the first impression which I have felt during my arrival in Wurzburg

My trip from Algeria to Wurzburg was actually very exhausting, strenuous, full of tensions but also nice and full of good surprises. I have left everything behind the clouds: My family, my friends, work and most important Eid-Adha (^ _ ^). At first I had to leave my family in Ghardaia, we exchanged warm hugs, smiles and pair of tears, these were really quite short and beautiful last moments with my lovely family.

Then I took my luggage and traveled first to Ouargla, then to Algiers, after that to Bel Abbes, where I have met my friends and presented a few documents. This was one day before my trip and one day before the Eid-Adha feast. To find my way back to Algiers was very difficult, since I had found no buses, no taxis, no trains, simply nothing. Nevertheless I was still full of hope. I have waited about 6 hours outdoors and changed from one station to another, called friends trying to find a way back, but nothing worked. For a while, I thought I was quite out there and far away to fly to Germany, because I had not found a single means of transport from Bel Abbes to Algiers, even a bicycle ^ _ ^. All the people were occupied and busy with the preparation of the Eid Adha feast.

But I have prayed to Allah and asked of Orientation, I have asked whether this trip is good! If it is good for me, my country, my religion and humanity than please make it easy, but is it is bad than I would better take another path. Suddenly my hope woken up again, a Taxi has parked in front of me, the driver looked at me and asked if I want to go to Algiers! I said yes no joke, it is a dream ^_^. He said: “If I book 6 places than consider yourself the luckiest man on earth“. After a few hours came the customers and we are finally going. We traveled at night and in the morning I was once again in a hurry looking for a taxi to the airport.

Unfortunately, I have missed my flight to Frankfurt, so that I booked another trip to Paris. It was nice in Paris, because I met friends and got to know nice people. At night I traveled further by bus to Wurzburg and stayed in contact with Nastka. On my arrival, Nastka was there, greeted me and finally at that moment I felt in peace, after a journey full of tensions, adventures and surprises. This moment of arrival has become complete as we went at noon to the House. Here, in this flat I will live together with four volunteers.

Some volunteers from Wurzburg came in our House to give a welcome greetings, gathered around the table and we enjoyed together a delicious lunch from Nastka. “Yamm tastes good” is our impression of the colorful and charming table. We got to know each other, quickly mixed and told a few stories. As a farewell, we exchanged warm hugs with the hope of a sooner reunion in our flat, which bears the title of ‘Europahaus’. The adventure took me from one place to another, through forests, deserts, sea and thousands of different sights.

What is the aim? What is the goal from the trip? Has it worthed? We will see … in the next articles! The journey continues… (^_^)

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First EVS seminar

As you might or might not know, Würzburg is situated in the land Bavaria, in the region Franconia (or Lower Franconia, to be exact). What does that mean? It means that the local dialect is Franconian, not Bavarian*  and here we drink wine, unlike the rest of Bavaria, which prefers beer.

I’ve spend one week in Munich (10-16 of October), on my first EVS seminar. In a way it was my first contact with the ‘real’ Bavaria.


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Europatag 2016

On the Saturday 7th May was in by city Wuerzburg organized the Europe Day fair (second most important commoneuropen day after Eurovision finals :D…) where various city organisations were promoting their activities. We as EVS volunteers could not miss it chance to show our work. Jubi with Bezirk Unterfranken had own tent on the Marktplatz where we promoted EVS and offer consultancies for Eurodesk possibilites. For visitors we had leaflets and prepared quiz about Europe. We also got and offer to show up on the stage and tell something about EVS to watching public. Saturday was very sunny and hot day, many people choose to go to old town. And I think I speak for everybody if I say we really enjoyed the time.

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EVS Seminar in Dresden

Every volunteer needs to go for 2 seminars during his long-term period stay. First is ‘arrival’ seminar lasting 7 days, second is  ‘mid-term’ seminar lasting 5 days. Because it is good opportunity to use seminar for better knowing each other, Anastazja and Manuela made schedule in a way that nobody who live together goes on same seminar together. Instead of that we have mixed groups. I (Andrej) traveled with Anna, Konstantina and Nanna to Dresden.


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First day in Würzburg

I came to the Würzburg on Thursday afternoon, 1st September 2015. My journey started in the morning waking up last time in my room, in flat on the outskirt of Bratislava. After spending 2,5 years working for big international company there, I said good bye for a last time to my flatmates and went to train station. From there I took a local train to Vienna.

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Die neue Generation ist da!!


Hier kommt die erste Zusammenarbeit mit Anna! Es klingt für das Blog viel versprechend. Wir glauben, dass die Blogszukünft mir ihr total gesichert ist. Sehr gut gemacht!

Am Wochenende gab es viel zu tun. Ab Freitag bis Sonntag fand das Straßenmusikfestival in Würzburg statt. Leider haben wir da kein Fotos gemacht, aber es war echt toll neue Freiwilligen kennenzulernen und vielen von uns war das auch das erste Wochenende in Würzburg, also ein toller Anfang für ein Jahr hier! Zum Glück war das Wetter ungewöhnlich gut, obwohl es schon September ist. Nach der Konzerten konnten die Freiwillige noch stundenlang am Main sitzen uns Spaß haben.  Die Gruppe war sehr multikulturell: spanisch, italienisch, ungarisch, britisch, polnisch, finnisch, französisch… hoffentlich habe ich niemanden vergessen!

Fast dieselben Menschen sind auch am Sonntag zur Festung gekommen, weil Anastazja und Manuela alle die Freiwilligen zum Picknick eingeladen hatten. Ihrer Meinung nach war das Klettern zur Festung ein Symbol vom Jahr einer Freiwilligen: Manchmal kann es schwer sein, aber im Ende kann alles wieder gut sein und Manu und Anastazja sind da immer um uns zu helfen. Und andere Freiwillige auch! Wir haben ein bisschen Snacks gegessen und anderen kennengelernt. Fast alle von uns wohnen in Würzburg, aber einige sind aus der Umgebung gekommen. Nach dem gemeinsamen Treffen sind viele von uns in der Stadt geblieben, um ein Paar Konzerten vom „Stramu“ zu schauen. Hoffentlich können wir so schöne Wochenenden noch später viiiiiieeeele zusammen verbringen!

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Zwei Dinge sind heute geschehen.

Ertens sind alle nach den Ferien gekommen und schon auf der Arbeit. Heute haben wir den Coach für interkulturelle Arbeit für nächstes Jahr geplannt. Wir finden es immer toll, wenn Arbeit und Spaß zusammenhängen!

Wir waren so fleißig, dass wir sogar Zeit hatten Steffies Geburtstag mit leckeren Kuchen zu feiern. Wir wünschen dir alles Gute und Liebe in diesem neuen Jahr!!