Interreligiöse Shuttletour

Another recommendation: Interreligiöse Shuttletour.

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I cannot say that I love Eurovision, but I really enjoy watching it when I’m abroad. Somehow, in Poland it’s less entertaining. We (Petra, Lusi, Claire, I and Guillaume, new French volunteer in Rimpar + Nastka and Manu, who commented on the whole thing like professionals) met to watch Eurovision together. It was third weekend in a row with some sort of volunteers’ meeting (after family day in Goldbach and Residenzlauf), which probably explains why we were such a small group.

IMG-20170518-WA0007It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed the sun and the amazing few of the city and the fortress before the show.

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Family Day in Goldbach

europäische jugendwoche

On 7th May Goldbach celebrated Family Day. As a part of the whole event, Shïma organized a stand about European Voluntary Service (as a part of European Youth Week*). Chaina, Andromachi, Mattia, Juan, Claire, I and Linda, Nastka’s former intern (and EuroPeer), came to support her. First we ate all together (thanks for the real French Crêpes!), then we built the stand together.


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Aja’s farewell party

Aja, after 6-months long EVS project, had her farewell party at last Sunday in March. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, perfect for grilling and spending time together in the garden :). The party took place in Europa Haus’ garden, but was prepared by Aja’s flatmates. Natalia, Mari and Yana took care of decorations, food and drinks.

SAMSUNG CSC(Photo by Andromachi Poulou)

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Pottery for beginners

On Saturday, 18th of March, we’ve met (almost all of us) for a pottery session. It was fun, and it was something new for the most of us. The place we went to is close to the city centre, it’s called TonArt KreativRaum and consists of a small café and a pottery workshop. If you have a chance to go there (or try pottery anywhere else) I recommend it, it’s really relaxing 🙂

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Opening the travelling season

So far I haven’t seen much of Bavaria: I have awhole year to travel around, in autumn I didn’t really have time, in winter the weather wasn’t very encouraging – there is no point in sightseeing when it’s cold and raining if I can easily do that few months later.

Hopefully, the spring is coming, it’s already warmer und sunnier. The traveling season is officially open ;). In last weeks I went with Leila to Bamberg and alone to Nuremberg.

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EVS Meetings

I haven’t written about it in a while, but we, the volunteers, are still regularly meeting. In September we went together to the fortress above Würzburg, at the beginning of November volunteers from Unterfranken came for the EVS Jubilee that we celebrated in the Jubi, in December we’ve met shortly before Christmas for a nice brunch and gifts exchange, and now for a short workshop (during which we also welcomed Hadeel, new volunteer from Egypt, who is now starting her project in the Montessori school).


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