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Interreligiöse Shuttletour

Another recommendation: Interreligiöse Shuttletour.

It’s a regular event organized by Würzburger Bündnis für Zivilcourage during which you have a chance to visit different temples and religious communities. It takes place twice a year for youth, and once, in summer, for adults. On 11 of July we went to Russian Orthodox Church, Yun Hwa Dharma Sah (community of social Buddhism,, the Sikh temple, the Ahmadiyya mosque and Jewish community and culture center Schalom Europa.


davThe whole tour is very interesting and informative, the participants are encouraged to ask questions in every place they visit. They are also accompanied by someone who is a part of this specific religious community and knows religion and tradition well. It’s a great chance to learn something new about those religions and/or establish new contacts (I learned for example that there is something like social Buddhism, I’ve never heard of it before).

Demokratie leben Würzburg published more photos on Facebook:


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