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The goodbyes

davIt’s almost over: the majority of our group finishes their projects in July and August, the summer is the season of goodbyes for us.

The first ones are already gone, the next ones are leaving soon – which is why we met on Sunday for a last picnic on Main. We had a beautiful weather and a good time together: we ate, we talked and enjoyed the sun. I think this was the biggest meeting of this year, there were almost 20 people. During the picnic we’ve got small souvenirs: best wishes cards from Nastka and Manu, books about Würzburg and a collage of our photos that I made recently.




Later many of us went swimming – it’s possible to swim in Main in Würzburg (although it’s recommended for people who actually can swim, it’s a huge river after all) and there is an outdoor swimming pool with slides and a big “sunbathing lawn” (German actually has a word for that). Really nice place for hot Sunday afternoons, I recommend 🙂

In this week we also met for the last time with our German teacher – this time not for a lesson but for wine drinking on the river. We had those beautiful cups :D.

davWe almost managed to escape the storm, too!



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