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Family Day in Goldbach

europäische jugendwoche

On 7th May Goldbach celebrated Family Day. As a part of the whole event, Shïma organized a stand about European Voluntary Service (as a part of European Youth Week*). Chaina, Andromachi, Mattia, Juan, Claire, I and Linda, Nastka’s former intern (and EuroPeer), came to support her. First we ate all together (thanks for the real French Crêpes!), then we built the stand together.


davThere was an official opening, with the mayor’s speech and live music (a school band played for us).


davShïma prepared games and a quiz about Europe and the world for teenagers and children. We were there as the “professionals” who could answer all questions about EVS. Unfortunately our stand was next to attractions for children, during the whole day just few teenagers visited us. The children, of course, are not yet interested in EVS.

davIt was nice to meet with the other volunteers but the day was too long. There were a lot of people, not much to do for so many volunteers and bad weather. But the kids enjoyed the quiz and the awards, and we finally visited Goldbach.


Also, we’ve seen Darth Vader and Princess Leia giving out awards together, I don’t think that happens often.


*For the last 8 years, in the first week of May 33 countries celebrate the European Youth Week with many different events. In Germany JUGEND für Europa and Eurodesk are the main organizers. The goal of the whole Week is to inform the youth about Erasmus+ and to talk with them about Solidarity and EU-politics. Today we definitely need more solidarity and more understanding for different problems. You can read more about the European Youth Week here.


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