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I cannot say that I love Eurovision, but I really enjoy watching it when I’m abroad. Somehow, in Poland it’s less entertaining. We (Petra, Lusi, Claire, I and Guillaume, new French volunteer in Rimpar + Nastka and Manu, who commented on the whole thing like professionals) met to watch Eurovision together. It was third weekend in a row with some sort of volunteers’ meeting (after family day in Goldbach and Residenzlauf), which probably explains why we were such a small group.

IMG-20170518-WA0007It was a beautiful day, we enjoyed the sun and the amazing few of the city and the fortress before the show.

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Family Day in Goldbach

europäische jugendwoche

On 7th May Goldbach celebrated Family Day. As a part of the whole event, Shïma organized a stand about European Voluntary Service (as a part of European Youth Week*). Chaina, Andromachi, Mattia, Juan, Claire, I and Linda, Nastka’s former intern (and EuroPeer), came to support her. First we ate all together (thanks for the real French Crêpes!), then we built the stand together.


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