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Pottery for beginners

On Saturday, 18th of March, we’ve met (almost all of us) for a pottery session. It was fun, and it was something new for the most of us. The place we went to is close to the city centre, it’s called TonArt KreativRaum and consists of a small café and a pottery workshop. If you have a chance to go there (or try pottery anywhere else) I recommend it, it’s really relaxing 🙂

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Opening the travelling season

So far I haven’t seen much of Bavaria: I have awhole year to travel around, in autumn I didn’t really have time, in winter the weather wasn’t very encouraging – there is no point in sightseeing when it’s cold and raining if I can easily do that few months later.

Hopefully, the spring is coming, it’s already warmer und sunnier. The traveling season is officially open ;). In last weeks I went with Leila to Bamberg and alone to Nuremberg.

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