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Mid-term seminar in Hamburg

For a very long time I have been waiting for my mid-term seminar to happen. I had a good experience and fun last time in Dresden so I was happy to do it again in Hamburg. Seminar was happening in Hamburg’s neighborhood Rehlstedt, in a house Jugendsbuildung-YES.


Seminar run for 5 days. There have been several nice activities and some good discussions about various topics. Seminar consisted of many interesting activities (you can find program below). My favorite was problem solving and presenting my own project in 10 minute pitch speech.


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Travel around Germany for Seminar

I’ve decided to use my time for traveling on my seminar in Hamburg wise and choose to take a vocation and travel a little bit more around Germany (now I can fill up my Youth Pass) so and bring


I personally believe UNESCO work heritage monuments are tremendously important places and only trough them one can learn about people, culture and in which they have been placed. Despite many of UNESCO heritage are temples of various religions, it is their style and stories which give them importance for people no matter of religion they belongs to.

First stop on my journey was Kassel. Kassel is famous mostly for brother Grimms who had been living and collecting they stories here. In city is even museum to devoted to brother Grimms. But my aim was to climb higher, to UNESCO world heritage site – Hercules. 8 meters high statue of Hercules is on top of the hill above the city. Place is unique by its park and cascade fountains running down in summer period.

IMG_0118 IMG_0123

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EVS Elene Magradze

Officially Elene Magradze is the first volunteer we will introduce on our blog in series of micro interviews with volunteers about their EVS experience in the Unterfranken. So first one is Elene Magradze from Georgia working in project for Kindergarten St. Marien in Hammelburg. Do you want to know more? Check the video where she answer 5 questions about EVS.