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EVS Seminar in Dresden

Every volunteer needs to go for 2 seminars during his long-term period stay. First is ‘arrival’ seminar lasting 7 days, second is  ‘mid-term’ seminar lasting 5 days. Because it is good opportunity to use seminar for better knowing each other, Anastazja and Manuela made schedule in a way that nobody who live together goes on same seminar together. Instead of that we have mixed groups. I (Andrej) traveled with Anna, Konstantina and Nanna to Dresden.


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Saturday’s picnic

Nearly all volunteers had came to Würzburg and it was right time to organize common meeting where we could all meet and get to know each other. At 12 o’clock we had met with Anastaszja at train station and picked up Jana, new European volunteer from Ukraine, who just came. We drove to Europa-WG where her new flatmates prepared a nice lunch for her. Jana was unfortunately tired and chose to stay back home. The rest of us start heading towards picnic at the walls of Würzburg fortress.


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Monday 14 – Everybody comes for a dinner

It is Monday 14th, Anastazja and me (Andrej) are finishing work in Jubi and going to pick up our new volunteer from train station. I leaving earlier and going home to pick up Camille, my flatmate, also new volunteer from France who came just a day ago. Together we are meeting with Anastazja at train station platform. Train has a delay but finally arrives and Henrieta, new volunteer from Slovakia is here. Continue reading “Monday 14 – Everybody comes for a dinner”

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First day in Würzburg

I came to the Würzburg on Thursday afternoon, 1st September 2015. My journey started in the morning waking up last time in my room, in flat on the outskirt of Bratislava. After spending 2,5 years working for big international company there, I said good bye for a last time to my flatmates and went to train station. From there I took a local train to Vienna.

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